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February 5, 2010 - ,

“Pushing forward” the new column of the expert Ian Poinsenet – What’s innovation?

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What is innovation? Where does it come from? How can we encourage it?

Every company is faced with these questions, once it becomes aware of the need to prepare for its future, for its survival, to differentiate itself from the competition and to protect its margins, while at the same time meeting the needs of its customers.

It is difficult to find a simple definition of innovation in the dictionaries and searchable online encyclopaedias, or among the opinions of gurus, consultants, inventors and creative minds. Perhaps this is because it does not exist, because it is a complex synthesis of forces – the product of a system in which different elements interact to collectively produce the innovation. Let’s try to define this system.

Ian Poinsenet, Head of Innovation and Knowledge Management at BNP Paribas Assurance – Cardif, and Head of Innovation Coordination and Oversight at the Investment Solutions Core Business of Group BNP Paribas, tries to revisit the definition of innovation for us, in the first article of his column “Pushing forward”.

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